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      2. Audfly




        Focusound Directional Speaker is the first commercialized directional speaker in China, it creates directional sound to provides precise and independent audio zone and deliver an immersive, noisy-free, 3D-like audio experience.
        • Super pointing

        • Wireless push

        • No noise pollution

        • Dense structure

        • Cost-effective

        Through a new way of sound transmission, create an open, quiet and independent audio space.
        • 01.
          Exhibition industry
          Directional sound solution
        • 02.
          Advertising media industry
          Directional sound solution
        • 03.
          Directional sound solution
        • 04.
          Home TV
          Directional sound solution
        About us
        Acoustics Innovation Application??|???Sound Environmental protection Leader
        Audfly Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Is the pioneer and leader that focusing on acoustics innovation and sound environmental protection, committed to develop high-tech acoustic products to improve our living environment and industrial environment, using the cutting edge technology to bring about a natural and healthy lifestyle.

        To enjoy infinity in a clear natural world. In the future development, Audfly Technology will always adhere to the principle of stability, integration, continuation, innovation, openness and cooperation, to build the future sound technology and create a better life.
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